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Hair Products

"Radiate Confidence withLavishBeauty-Hair – Your Crown, Our Care!"


"Electrify Your Journey – Embrace the Future with E-mobility!"


"Adorn Your Elegance withLavishBeauty-Jewelry – Where Sparkle Meets Style!"


"Transform Your Vape Experience – Elevate Your Style with Every Puff!"

Ape-Tastic's Jungle

"Unleash the Deals in Ape-Tastic's Jungle – Where Savings Meet Adventure!"

Autark Energy

"Empower Your Independence with Autark Energy – Harness the Power of Sustainability!"
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Ape-Tastic's Jungle
Four models display LavishBeauty’s luxury hair extensions and bespoke wigs, showcasing natural hair flow and diverse styles, embodying the quality and elegance of LavishApe.
LavishBeauty Hair Products
Vaping - Products
LavishBeauty - Jewelry
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The Story of

LavishApe Home

In 2022, TheGreenHappyTech and Libreezz united to form LavishApe, a fusion of vision and innovation. Our mission: to offer unparalleled quality and value, with a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

LavishApe’s range – from trend-setting Ape-Tastic products to the refined LavishBeauty hair collection, and eco-conscious E-Mobility solutions – has captivated a diverse audience. Each product, be it elegant jewelry or cutting-edge vaping technology, reflects our dedication to excellence.

Central to LavishApe’s story is our customer-first approach. We treasure every piece of feedback, allowing us to continuously evolve and improve. Our journey is not just about products; it’s about fostering a community committed to a sustainable future.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all our customers and B2B partners. Your support and collaboration have been pivotal in our journey. Together, we’ve built more than a brand; we’ve created a legacy of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Join us in this ongoing story of excellence and sustainability. Be part of LavishApe’s success – a story shaped by each of you, our valued customers and partners.

As LavishApe’s narrative unfolds, every customer and partner contributes to our legacy – a legacy defined by innovation, commitment, and shared success.

Warm regards

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